Summer Camp

Brașov, România, 9-11 August 2021

Learn new abilities and real-life skills while playing and having lots of fun. 

For kids from 10 to 14 years old.

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Open to kids 10 to 14 years old. 

Three days of enjoyment, concentration, working and playing together, in a challenging  and beautiful self discovery journey! Lots of beautiful surprises that will make your kids sparkle with the joy of discovery!

Unleash your curiosity, let your dreams come forward, explore your amazing potential, embark in a virtual Journey to Mars.

This thematic "Journey to Mars" Summer Camp will help kids discover by playing a few useful real life skills they willl always treasure:

- Using their natural curiosity to create real projects.

- A natural approach to problem solving using focus and good use of their inner and outer resources.

- Adapt, persevere and embrace their emotions in difficult situations

- Present themselves and their projects to the world in a beautiful, bold and convincing way.

- Discover the power of playing and working together.

- Play, celebrate and enjoy!


Using a unique five steps path concept created for kids by a team of professionals we help kids enrich their life and unleash their inner resources. Rather than relying on traditional school methods, we use game experience to learn real life, useful skills.


Daily program*:

Monday, 9.08.2021

15.00 - Game Start

18.00 - Break

20.00 - End of day 1

Tuesday, 10.08.2021

9.00 - Second Game day

11.00 - Food break

11.30 - Walking and nature activities

12.30 - Game

13.00 - Lunch break

15.00 - Starting of real life personal project. Special online guests moment.

17.00 - Break

18.00 - End of day 2

Wednesday, 11.08.2021

9.00 - Starting personal project presentation day

11.00 - Short break

13.00 - Lunch break

14.00 - Presentation tools

15.00 - Refining projects together

17.00 - Presentation in front of an audience (all parents invited)

18.00 - Celebration and camp ending.

*Small changes in program may occur.

By the end of the program all participants will start working on a personal project using the tools learned in the game part of the camp. The project will be presented by each participant in front of an audience at the end of the camp.

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Neuralis is an International project designed by specialists to encourage kids to discover their abilities, manage and understand their emotions.

A word from our team

Take a few minutes to see and listen to the creators of the Neuralis project. 


- we take care of health prevention measures according to covid-19 restrictions: face masks are mandatory while inside.

- the camp includes meals according to program

- the summer camp does not include accomodation at the hotel

- please take note that transportation for kids to and from the program facility has to be taken care by the parents.

- maximum number of places for this program is 15.

- the minimum number of children to participate in the summer camp is 8.

- this event is in Romanian language

- don't hesitate to contact us for more details

- for details in Romanian you can visit THIS LINK TO ROMANIAN WEBSITE

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An enthusiastic team of specialists în different fields. They met with the same idea in mind: in a troubled world, bringing new perspectives and real life tools and skills to kids may shape our future in unexpected better ways.

Laura Coconea

Laura has a PhD in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. She loves evergreen music, sunsets, long walks in nature, LEGO, high heels, good books and icecream. She lives in the Eternal City with her 12 year old son and her blue eyes cat. Laura has started her personal development path when she was 18 and eversince she is still improving her life skills to support her in the daily life and also in her job as a Chief Innovation Officer in a technology corporate.

alberto bellini
Alberto Bellini

Alberto is a digital entrepreneur with a civil engineer degree.

He is passionate about finance, anime, social media, video games and anything else of nerd things you can think about.

He loves impressionist art, tennis and paddle, traveling around the world and of course… Scrooge McDuck.

He started his professional path, during the high school period, by organizing small events and extracting gold from old, dismissed PCs and mobiles.

He now works as a project manager in a worldwide company and is studying to become a data analysis expert.

Mihai Minoiu

Clinical Psychologist, Author and Entrepreneur, Mihai loves to learn. He loves mountain sports, scuba diving and swimming, wildlife photography and nature in all its forms. He works for more than 20 years in the field of personal development running programs for adults and kids and trainings for personal and corporate life improvement. He believes that proper education and applied scientific knowledge may really change the future of humanity. 

Summer camp

Neuralis is an international project created by a team of professionals to help kids learn real life skills by playing and learning. Kids will shape the world. Let them free their minds, understand their emotions and go far beyond their dreams.