A bit of Inspiration

Play the video to discover a few ideas in the words of Warren Buffet.This resonates with how we see the importance of inspiration, discovering our own potential and having the courage to achieve the things that makes a life fulfilled. 

The Purpose

Our purpose is to support young people to discover their potential so they dare to choose an inspired path o fulfilment

Our Vision

We help create a future where kids have limitless resources to become naturally bright, successful, responsible and happy adults that have a real power to shape a better world.

Our Mission

We enlarge the comfort zone of young people by applying scientific methods to turn on their true strengths and to create self-awareness. Our innovative teaching path makes use of practical tools for developing life skills in five main areas. Parents and kids together embrace a new way to see human potential.

Our Values

We believe in transparency, trust and respect. In our team, with our partners and with our customers.

Our commitement is to live what we "preach".

We offer a customized path for each kid and we follow-up on long-term.

Our path follows a scientific approach and is based on creativity, innovation and unconventional thinking.

We seek excellence in customer care.

Neuralis is an international project that started in Rome, Italy, created by a team of enthusiastic professionals. Neuralis is based on a continuously expanding collaboration with professionals in different fields of education, communication, psychology and technology from different countries and aims to be of help for kids and parents all over the world. The project includes several programs online and on-site, from 3 days camps to 2 years educational and transformational path for kids.